Thursday, November 11, 2010

Join Millionaire's Club: Free JV Upgrade. Earn up to 60% Commission on Every Sale

 Joining Millionaires Club Super JV Plus Ad Exchange gives to you access to about 1,200 active members! Imagine sending you Solo Ads to this number. Here's the great deal on this ad exchange: You get Free JV Upgrade! Note that this is for a limited time so you need to join quickly.

Promo Code for your free JV Upgrade: joinjv 

Gives You:  Upgrade to JV Member, Points: 20,000; Solo Ads: 10; Banner ads: 10 / 1000 views; Button Banner ads: 5 / 1000 views; Traffic link ads: 5 / 100 views, Hot link ads: 5 / 2000 views; Login ads: 5 / 1000 views

Join Here

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